Online gambling has been around for a decade or so, but the industry has expanded tremendously over the past couple of years. There are a great many gambling sites to choose from these days, and gamblers are increasingly opting to visit these sites instead of going to land-based casinos on account of many reasons.gambling-online

If you enjoy gambling, then you too should certainly give online casinos a try. They are very convenient to use, and while they might lack the glitz and glamour of land based casinos they make up for it by being extremely cost effective. You can find any number of sites offering a wide range of slots, roulette, poker, scratch cards and even sports betting. These games are operated by computer, and most of them do not offer any human interaction with the exception of games that have feeds from live dealers.

These days you can gamble online using your mobile phone or tablet and not only your PC. However, you do have to keep a few points in mind when playing at an online casino in order to have a positive experience overall. After all, safety is an issue on which you should never compromise.

Stick to legal sites:

The legal status of online gambling varies from country to country. For instance, it is illegal in the United States, but not in the United Kingdom. However, certain sites do allow people from the US to gamble. But you need to tread very carefully if you’re from the US. Although the laws are different in certain states, you need to ensure that it is permissible in your state.

If you live in a country that hasn’t legalised online gambling, then you can use unauthorised sites at the risk of having your wins forfeited. Even so, it is best to use a reputed site instead of one of the many fly-by-night operators that exist only to cheat customers.

Always check ease of payments:

Many people use credit cards to feed their online gambling accounts, but this might not be possible in every case. If your country has banned online gambling, then you’ll not be able to make credit card payments although you can use other digital transfer options. Be sure to check that the service provider is legal and that the fees involved are not too high. Also check the terms and conditions of the site governing money withdrawals. Some sites make it very difficult to withdraw money, thanks to unreasonable terms!

Use proper anti-virus software:

Gambling sites tend to attract a lot of illegal activity centred around malware. Therefore, you need to install proper anti-virus software on your computer. In any case, be very particular about choosing sites that make use of the latest encryption technology. This will ensure that your money and personal information is kept safe. Also, quite a few online casinos need you to download their gaming software to be able to play the casino games on their site. So an anti-virus software  will really be helpful in this case!

It is really very easy to locate a good gambling site that can offer you an exciting and reliable experience. If you don’t want to check out a whole lot of sites individually, then you can read reviews of gaming sites to get the information you need. You will have a great time gambling as long as you know that you are not being cheated in any way.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe while gambling online. You need to be very careful when you sign up on an online website before starting to gamble.

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ultimatebetOne of the worst (or best) things about the internet is that things can never disappear once they appear online. Anyone who has even been in a scandal will testify to this fact. No matter how old the episode is, it is always possible to dredge up details of it online. What’s more is that the mentions of it keep popping up when people think that the story (and interest around it) has finally died down. The Ultimate Bet Online Poker scandal is the perfect illustration of this. Although the story first broke in 2005, it still keeps popping up repeatedly, with added information every time the story revives.

The online poker industry was taken aback when two sites belonging to the Cereus Poker Network were found to have been cheating on a big scale. The two sites in question, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, made use of a special software code that collected hole-card information of certain players in what was known as the “God Mode” so that their opponents could make winning moves. The total size of the scam eventually exceeded $50 million. The cheating scandal was very embarrassing for the industry since it highlighted exactly how vulnerable players were to cheating. The scandal also revealed just how little regulation there was in the industry.

The gaming sites of the Cereus Poker Network were licensed to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates a number of land based casinos in Mohawk territory as well as more than 250 gambling sites offering online sportsbooks and poker. The regulatory body launched an investigation into the allegations of cheating only in October 2007.

It took 3 years, from the time it began using the unauthorised cheating software for Ultimate Bet to finally get rid it and it also began to issue refunds to the victims amounting to $22 million in all. The process of investigation also unearthed a lot of embarrassing information about how the industry was run. The company owning Ultimate Bet was fined $1.5 million and it was directed to change its operations in order to ensure that cheating could not be done.

The scandal got a new lease of life recently when a former representative of Ultimate Bet by the name of Annie Duke posted regarding the “God Mode” software on Facebook. She admitted to having used the software although she did not mention whether she cheated while on the mode. She went on to say that she was completely unaware that this was an illegal activity and that she would not have continued with the company if she had known about this.

Duke doesn’t have any connection with the poker site any longer and has relinquished all ownership of the site.
The gambling industry can hardly afford to have scandals such as this, especially since the lobby against online gambling is very vocal and powerful. After all, these scandals tend to come alive time and again, and the bad reputation that they create for the online site will never go away altogether.

When some of the US states are trying to legalise online casinos, a scandalous news like this certainly doesn’t favour them at all. There are quite a few legislators who are against this and these are the type of news that they look forward to and prove a point.

However, there are many others who favour online casinos. In fact, many Americans also tend to visit online casinos where they are allowed to gamble. Although there are very few at the moment since most of the US residents are not permitted to gamble at these sites because of the legality issues.

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New game launches are always something worth looking forward to and especially so if they are from companies like Yggdrasil Gaming. This Malta based gambling software development firm recently dropped a brand new game called Legend of the White Snake Lady and it has created quite a buzz in the industry.


The new slot game from Yggdrasil has a very exciting theme in keeping with changing trends in the gambling industry. As the name indicates, Legend of the White Snake Lady slot has a Chinese theme and it has graphics and sound effects that are true to the Chinese concept. The game is filled with secrets and exciting plots that make it more than just a slot game.

Like most games from this gaming software developer, there have been many takers for Legend of the White Snake Lady simply because users make a beeline for them. In fact, the game is featured on many leading online casinos such as Cherry Casino, Unibet Casino, and Video Slots Casino. The game has been designed for play on mobile devices and not just on PCs; its launches quickly and plays without any interruptions.

About Yggdrasil Gaming

With a major development office based in Krakow, Poland, Yggdrasil Gaming is a provider of premium online as well as mobile casino games. They also provide live lotto and RNG lottery content. Their main products include video slots, 3D video keno games, live studio lotto, pooled progressive jackpots on multiple platforms, classic and video scratch games and instant lotto express.

They have also launched several recent innovations including iSENSE 2.0. This is an HTML5 framework that permits online operators to launch their games simultaneously on mobile and desktop.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s most recent addition is the Legend of the White Snake Lady slot!

About Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot

Legend of the White Snake Lady is 5 reel slot game that offers 243 different ways to win. It accepts a wide range of coins starting from 0.25 and going all the way to 25.00 which means that it can be played by nervous beginners or confident high-rollers. The symbols on the reels include Chinese temples, a Buddhist monk, a green snake, and Chinese characters.

The game is fairly easy to play since there isn’t anything here to confuse players. However, players will definitely appreciate its Win All Ways feature that can help them get winning combinations from right-to-left and also left-to-right. The game also has lots of wilds and re-spins which help increase the potentials of wins. For instance, players are awarded 3 free spins any time that three wilds come on the middle reel. Players can also multiply their wins by 100 when they manage to get five of the same symbols on active reels. This game is sure to be popular with gamblers because it gives them plenty of excitement as well as lots of options to win money.

The Developer

There are plenty of gaming software developers in business these days, but Yggdrasil is a company that has managed to carve out a niche for itself in this highly competitive field. This is mostly because of the high quality graphics and sound effects that go into its games. Yggdrasil Gaming CEO Fredrik Elmqvist said that the developer team was proud of how Legend of the White Snake Lady has turned out. The company has quite a large body of work that covers video slots, live studio lotto, instant lotto express, and scratch games.

The company was acknowledged at the International Gaming Awards as Gaming Software Supplier of the Year 2016. EGR Magazine awarded it Software Rising Star in 2015 and Slot Provider of the Year in 2016 at its B2B Awards.

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brian-sandovalNevada Governor Brian Sandoval is heading to Australia on a business trip during which he will undertake many important meetings to increase business relations between his state and the Antipodean country. The governor has many meetings lined up for the two-week business visit to Australia. While water technology and mining will be discussed, gambling will also be on the agenda.

Sandoval is the 29th Governor of Nevada as well as member of the Republican Party. Served as the youngest chairman of the Gaming Commission of Nevada, Sandoval was also the first Hispanic candidate to be elected to statewide office in Nevada.

When Sandoval served as the Gaming Commission, he fought national efforts to block gambling on college sports events. He also worked on regulations to limit gaming in the neighbourhood. He worked for regulations to prohibit slot machines that had themes that would attract children.

The volume of trade between Australia and Nevada has been growing at a steady pace, touching $149 million last year. The Nevada trade mission to Australia includes representatives from many industries including gambling. While there are no indications about the exact area of gambling which will be part of the discussions, the delegation will include representatives from Cirque du Soleil. There will also be people representing the Reno-based University of Nevada.

While Las Vegas in Nevada is known to be one of the gambling capitals of the world, the industry is pretty active in Australia as well. As a matter of fact, pokie is so popular in the country that it rivals most other places in the world. New South Wales has so many pokie machines when considered per capita that only Las Vegas has more of them.

The gambling industry has long fuelled business ties between Nevada and Australia. US gambling major Bally Technologies finalised a deal with leading Australian company, Aristocrat to power certain online gambling sites in North America. Aristocrat has a great deal of experience in the industry since it operates a large proportion of the pokie machines in Australia. The company has big plans for the North American market, as is evident from its 2014 acquisition of gaming company Video Gaming Technologies (VGT). With VGT under its control, Aristocrat is now a major player in the gaming industry in the US.

Sandoval to Push for Online Poker

Governor Brian Sandoval has been at the forefront of bringing about major changes in the US online gambling industry. Online poker was legalised in the state in 2013 and major international players have shown interest in setting up operations here. The state is also keen to tie up with poker sites operating from New Jersey since this is essential to give operators a competitive advantage over major international sites.

New Jersey has gone one step ahead of Nevada by legalising a number of online casino games such as pokies. The inability to bring Nevada’s gambling laws in line with customer expectations is definitely costing the state dearly. It is a well established fact that Americans flock to gambling sites operating in other jurisdictions because this activity is banned in their state. The government has taken steps to curb this but the illegal gambling industry continues to flourish.

Land-Based Pokie Operations Flourishing

Land-based gambling operators are known to exert pressure on governments to keep online gambling illegal. These operators evidently do not wish to see an erosion in their customer base. Nevertheless, there are talks to loosen up restrictions on online gambling and to bring in proper regulations that protect customers. Governor Sandoval’s visit is sure to give all parties the result they expect.

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