brian-sandovalNevada Governor Brian Sandoval is heading to Australia on a business trip during which he will undertake many important meetings to increase business relations between his state and the Antipodean country. The governor has many meetings lined up for the two-week business visit to Australia. While water technology and mining will be discussed, gambling will also be on the agenda.

Sandoval is the 29th Governor of Nevada as well as member of the Republican Party. Served as the youngest chairman of the Gaming Commission of Nevada, Sandoval was also the first Hispanic candidate to be elected to statewide office in Nevada.

When Sandoval served as the Gaming Commission, he fought national efforts to block gambling on college sports events. He also worked on regulations to limit gaming in the neighbourhood. He worked for regulations to prohibit slot machines that had themes that would attract children.

The volume of trade between Australia and Nevada has been growing at a steady pace, touching $149 million last year. The Nevada trade mission to Australia includes representatives from many industries including gambling. While there are no indications about the exact area of gambling which will be part of the discussions, the delegation will include representatives from Cirque du Soleil. There will also be people representing the Reno-based University of Nevada.

While Las Vegas in Nevada is known to be one of the gambling capitals of the world, the industry is pretty active in Australia as well. As a matter of fact, pokie is so popular in the country that it rivals most other places in the world. New South Wales has so many pokie machines when considered per capita that only Las Vegas has more of them.

The gambling industry has long fuelled business ties between Nevada and Australia. US gambling major Bally Technologies finalised a deal with leading Australian company, Aristocrat to power certain online gambling sites in North America. Aristocrat has a great deal of experience in the industry since it operates a large proportion of the pokie machines in Australia. The company has big plans for the North American market, as is evident from its 2014 acquisition of gaming company Video Gaming Technologies (VGT). With VGT under its control, Aristocrat is now a major player in the gaming industry in the US.

Sandoval to Push for Online Poker

Governor Brian Sandoval has been at the forefront of bringing about major changes in the US online gambling industry. Online poker was legalised in the state in 2013 and major international players have shown interest in setting up operations here. The state is also keen to tie up with poker sites operating from New Jersey since this is essential to give operators a competitive advantage over major international sites.

New Jersey has gone one step ahead of Nevada by legalising a number of online casino games such as pokies. The inability to bring Nevada’s gambling laws in line with customer expectations is definitely costing the state dearly. It is a well established fact that Americans flock to gambling sites operating in other jurisdictions because this activity is banned in their state. The government has taken steps to curb this but the illegal gambling industry continues to flourish.

Land-Based Pokie Operations Flourishing

Land-based gambling operators are known to exert pressure on governments to keep online gambling illegal. These operators evidently do not wish to see an erosion in their customer base. Nevertheless, there are talks to loosen up restrictions on online gambling and to bring in proper regulations that protect customers. Governor Sandoval’s visit is sure to give all parties the result they expect.

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