While talking about the most renowned and prominent online casinos, mBit casino ranks at the top. This particular casino has gained much popularity by offering the widest and the latest range of online slots. The major reason behind its popularity is the winners who have won big against the house in this casino.

It is simply due to its massive collection of games like Jack Hammer Slot that provide an improved chance of winning to the players. As a result of this, mBit casino has become one of the biggest slot tourneys of the entire industry. In December, it is further going to offer the best of the best to all its players. After all, it’s the Christmas month and the last month of 2016.

Slots Tournaments at mBit Casino

mBit casino is a Bitcoin powered casino, which is another reason for its increasing popularity. Since Bitcoin has today become the fastest and the safest way of making online transactions at the casino sites, people prefer signing up at only Bitcoin powered casinos. In the month of December, the casino is ready to conduct slot tournament at a higher magnitude. It is know that the casino is planning to offer more prices in its December tournaments. No doubt, if this happens, the New Year will become an unforgettable event of the players’ lives.

In addition to this, mBit casino is all ready to offer a total of 10 BC as a reward to the players in this month alone. However, it will depend on whether the Bitcoin values hold firm or not. If the situation is favorable, then players can expect to receive an amount of almost $8000 as free money. To earn all this, players will have to sign up at the website first and then make a deposit at it. After depositing, they will have to register for the tournament. Players can also track their results from one of the site’s pages.

If you are thinking about some good reasons to play tournaments then you must know that they are the best platform to show your gaming skills. You get a chance to compete with the players from all around the world and build your name as the leading player. Yes, the winner is entitled to some of the attractive prizes too. In any case, these tournaments are going to hone your gaming skills and will offer you a unique gaming experience.

Additional Features of mBit Casino

The best part about the mBit casino is that players are automatically directed to the promotional tournament after they have been playing for real money for long. You just need to keep on playing these hundreds of slot games like Jack Hammer Slot for real money as long as you can and the casino will reward you on its own.

Considering your continuous interest in real money gaming, it will entitle you to the slot tournament. The tournament that started from the first day of December will last until the last day of the month. You must not worry about the fact that the casino is already halfway there. If you have not signed up at yet, you can do that at this moment also. You will be offered same rewards and advantages.

It is true that all the slots offered by mBit casino are properly tested on the fairness and security grounds. The casino already offers many slot titles that pay out well over 90% of the time. And the best thing is that players can play for as low as 0.25 mBTC here. So, get on with the latest tournaments now!

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The entire world has today found its place in the mobile phones. Whether you wish to explore any vacation spot, gambling casino or you simply wish to play casino games, you can do it all with a smartphone in your hand. Considering the today’s tech savvy generation, online casino developers have made big plans to create dedicated applications for the people. They prefer these apps over any other mobile friendly website.

It has been seen that a number of casinos have invested a lot of funds in developing the mobile friendly casino sites. However, they have now realized that this is not the ultimate investment and they should focus on creating dedicated apps. On the other hand, mobile casinos have remained strong enough to captivate the attention of people until today.

The Dedicated Apps As Opposed to Mobile Friendly Websites

The casinos have analyzed the fact that people use their mobile phones to access internet in order to remain connected to the world from anywhere and at every point of time. The point to be noted is that they prefer downloading different applications and then enjoy all the other operations of their phone. People find it much convenient to download the apps from the app store in order to make the most of their smartphones. Considering the same, the casino developers have evaluated that the punters will be more interested to download the app of their much preferred casino and then play the games on it.

On the other hand, the fact is that it becomes difficult to use those tiny mobile screens and type text over them. Although the trend of using mobile phones to complete different actions has increased but people still face difficulty in using the internet. It can become very cumbersome to type mails perfectly, chat with friends and enjoy 3D casino games that provide maximum fun when played on big screens. Nonetheless, the casinos have taken the decision to switch to dedicated apps in order to walk in line with the changing demands of the millennial.

To retain the existing punters and to attract more and more from across the globe, developing dedicated apps have actually become the need of the hour. Moreover, the cutthroat completion in the casino gambling market makes these developers to create something unique and offer the latest gaming products to the players.

About Euro Palace Casino

The Euro Palace casino has set a great example by comprehending the real needs of the players and acting accordingly. This casino has gained much popularity and great reputation in the online casino world with its newest of the new games and other attractive features. When it comes to the mobile side of the operations of this casino, it is just incredible. It has been able to gather punters more or less equivalent to what a mobile casino site would otherwise attract. The team of operations of Euro Palace is highly proficient in catering to the right needs of the players with the perfect solution.

The Bottom Line

The process of online casinos giving more importance to dedicated applications over the mobile friendly casino websites is quite natural. As the term suggests, mobile friendly sites are complete friendly to be accessed on mobile phones but the point is that these sites still use the older models. On the other hand, the applications are completely new and are built with the latest technology. Since people prefer dedicated apps, it means that they are ready to welcome all the forms of the newest technology. Hence, it offers an opportunity to the casino developers to make new technological experiments and attract more players.

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Endorphina is the most renowned online slot game provider that has attracted people from across the globe. Recently, it was in the news that the company has now planned to associate with EveryMatrix, which is one of the finest B2B software solution provider company. Through this deal, Endorphina will have the liberty to offer its range of games through the casino software engine of EveryMatrix.

This piece of writing talks about the benefits of Endorphina-EveryMatrix partnership and what their representatives actually have to say about the deal. Read on further to know more about the deal.

About Endorphina-EveryMatrix Partnership Deal

It is true that Endorphina has an outstanding range of its video slots. All these unique themed slots and captivating slots like Jack Hammer Slot will be available through the platform of EveryMatrix. The newest slot is the Twerk game that is sure to get highly famous in its initial phase only. Players will be able to enjoy the slots by Endorphina at different casinos including the Jetbull online casino. In addition to this, it is important to know that the partnership between Endorphina and EveryMatrix is based on set principles.

They both are determined to offer the highly customized products in the entire casino industry. While talking about the EveryMatrix’s current associates, it offers variety of games from 40 different gaming vendors. The number of games offered has reached to almost 40,000 that can further be plugged through a single API. Players can play these games directly from the standard platform of EveryMatrix. This partnership will enable Endorphina to reach to a larger number of masses in the world and is expected to bring in more revenues to the company.

In the Words of EveryMatrix CEO, Ebbe Groes…

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, stated in an interview that the company is always looking forward to the latest content in order to attract the punters from around the world. The CEO seemed very happy announcing that offering the gaming products of Endorphina through its platform will improve its customer base. It will elevate its appeal and will offer a unique gaming experience to all the players who are the member of the site. He added that it is true that casino operators are always looking out ways to retain the interest of the customers and through this partnership; EveryMatrix will be able to achieve the same.

Jan Urbanec, VP Sales at Endorphina Speaks…

Jan mentioned that Endorphina is super pleased with the partnership with Endorphina. The company is proud to have started the links with a well-established player of the industry. He even said that his company once used to admire Endoprhina, which is now its close partner. It is like a dream come true for the company. Jan added that he is hopeful about its content reaching right to EveryMatrix’s platform bringing in more reputation and popularity in return. The only aim of Endorphina is to develop a profitable relationship with EveryMatrix and improve its customer base to a great extent.


It is a long awaited partnership that has today come alive. Both Endorphina and EveryMatrix were thinking about linking with the big players of the industry in order to strengthen their grip on the online casino industry and the punters. Today, they both have merged well to remain associates for years to come and build their reputation. On the other hand, it is good news for the players, as they will now be able to play the entire range of Endorphina’s slot games through the platform of EveryMatrix.

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