The media reports have highlighted that Russia is revising its Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The nation is planning to reconsider the law that restricted the financial institutions that enabled online transactions. As per the reports, the Finance Ministry of Russia has revealed a law that focus on implementing the regulations on banks. This will be done with a motive of curbing illegal gambling activities and the revenues coming out from such activities. The government of the state has also highlighted that Russians are pending almost around $3 billion per year on online casinos in playing their favorite games like Jack Hammer slot.

After the law is in motion, the state is set to prepare a blacklist with the names of all those banking groups that are still into online transactions. It will focus on various international casino websites that are alluring Russian citizens through online transfers. It is known that the new law has been appealed by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

Russia’s Take on UIGEA

It has been seen that the President and the Russian government both have always opposed the forms of gambling relaxing only some laws. The nation has restricted gambling to four zones namely Altai in Siberia, Azov City in the Krasnodar region, a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea coast and Primorye near the Pacific port of Vladivostok; Kaliningrad. It means that a new casino opens in any of these zones only like Sochi casino and Resort that opened in Krasnodar. Further, it is known that the humid subtropical climate of Sochi made it the hottest city hosting the winter Olympics. A little relief was provided by the snow covered terrain nearby but the fact is that the years 2014 became the most expensive Olympics.


Putin seems to be in favor of land-based casinos and that is why, he seems to oppose the online gambling. Yes, the proposal of Finance Ministry is quite similar to UIGEA. Under the new law, Russia would consider it a crime to make online transactions when it comes to internet gambling. Since the year 2006 when UIGEA was signed, hardly any law of it was taken seriously and casinos offended it including Full Tilt poker and PokerStars. Both these casinos did not restrict their US players to access the interactive rooms. It was stopped only when the US Department of Justice seized their domains in the year 2011. The very day was called as ‘Black Friday’, as it was the biggest shock for the online casino world.

In addition to this, the entire poker companies were held accused of being engaged in money laundering just to make online transactions possible for the players. It is further known that UIGEA does not have an honored position in the USA, as it offers fantasy sports exemption. The issue has been with the legal basis for the argument for DraftKings and FanDuel, the biggest and the most popular daily fantasy companies. When it comes to the anti-online gambling measure of Russia, it is more likely to come up with a better alternative for payment transactions ensuring that no fraud activities take place.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Russia has taken a bold step by restricting online casinos to continue online transactions. However, it is still to be witnessed that whether these casinos will take it seriously or not. Once the Russia UIGEA has become a law, banks and casinos are sure to be more careful while approving any activity related to internet banking. Yes, the new law will be in favor of the nation and will bring in only positive results.

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Pariplay’s decision to enter into a partnership with casino is huge. This partnership deal will go through the popular gaming developer, iSoftBet. It has become big news, as it hints at the future plans of Pariplay to seek affiliations with the leading online casinos. Pariplay is all set to associate with different countries including Belgium, which has regulated the online casinos in full force.

It is also a fact that the regulation that happens through the governmental agencies leads to lower profits to both the suppliers and casinos. Further, this fact actually puts a pressure on the online casinos to streamline their activities to every possible extent. This three-way arrangement of the deal is expected to create efficiency and improve the profits.

An Overview of the Partnership Between Pariplay and

The question arises that what made to be a partner with Pariplay and the vice versa. While talking about casino, it is a well-established casino that is operated by a land-based casino called Casino de Spa. At present, it is offering the widest range of slot games like Jack Hammer slot, table games like baccarat, roulette, craps etc. and a live casino. The casino has millions of fans already and has set a benchmark in the casino world.

In addition to this, it is already associated with iSoftBet and by associating itself with Pariplay, which is also a partner with iSoftBet, it is going to expand its portfolio of games. casino offers its games in different language including English, German, French and Dutch, which constitutes the Belgian national languages. Thus, this is another reason behind its popularity in Belgian cities.

A Brief About Pariplay Ltd.

Pariplay has already captured the majority of the casino market and its fans. In the year 2016, it initiated a gaming platform named ‘Eyeon’. This platform proved to be a boon for all the land based casinos, as it allowed them to offer mobile access to their players. The traditional casinos are today happy to offer their mobile version to their members through this platform.

Pariplay’s General Manger, Adrian bailey has added by saying that the company is honored to be partner with casino. He seems very excited to work with the company’s new partner and expects that this partnership will go a long way ahead. He is glad that Pariplay has finally entered into the regulated Belgian gaming market through casino.

The company is hopeful that it will be able to draw the attention of more customers after signing the partnership deal with the casino. It will be able to strengthen its image among the players by earning their trust and confidence on the gaming products of the company. In addition to this, Pariplay is all set to grab the larger market shares by offering the best of the products.


The partnership will enable casino to offer the games of Pariplay to all its players. In fact, it will have the liberty to offer the games that Pariplay is still planning to introduce. it is clear that has high hopes with the deal and considers Pariplay a big expanding company that can bring in more profits to it. On the other hand, Pariplay is considering a great platform to introduce its games to the Belgian players and establish itself in the Belgian market. Without a doubt, the deal is going to benefit both the companies by enhancing their revenues, their customer base and of course, their popularity not only in Belgium but all across the globe. So, get ready to enjoy Pariplay’s slots on casino!

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Endorphina is the most renowned online slot game provider that has attracted people from across the globe. Recently, it was in the news that the company has now planned to associate with EveryMatrix, which is one of the finest B2B software solution provider company. Through this deal, Endorphina will have the liberty to offer its range of games through the casino software engine of EveryMatrix.

This piece of writing talks about the benefits of Endorphina-EveryMatrix partnership and what their representatives actually have to say about the deal. Read on further to know more about the deal.

About Endorphina-EveryMatrix Partnership Deal

It is true that Endorphina has an outstanding range of its video slots. All these unique themed slots and captivating slots like Jack Hammer Slot will be available through the platform of EveryMatrix. The newest slot is the Twerk game that is sure to get highly famous in its initial phase only. Players will be able to enjoy the slots by Endorphina at different casinos including the Jetbull online casino. In addition to this, it is important to know that the partnership between Endorphina and EveryMatrix is based on set principles.

They both are determined to offer the highly customized products in the entire casino industry. While talking about the EveryMatrix’s current associates, it offers variety of games from 40 different gaming vendors. The number of games offered has reached to almost 40,000 that can further be plugged through a single API. Players can play these games directly from the standard platform of EveryMatrix. This partnership will enable Endorphina to reach to a larger number of masses in the world and is expected to bring in more revenues to the company.

In the Words of EveryMatrix CEO, Ebbe Groes…

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, stated in an interview that the company is always looking forward to the latest content in order to attract the punters from around the world. The CEO seemed very happy announcing that offering the gaming products of Endorphina through its platform will improve its customer base. It will elevate its appeal and will offer a unique gaming experience to all the players who are the member of the site. He added that it is true that casino operators are always looking out ways to retain the interest of the customers and through this partnership; EveryMatrix will be able to achieve the same.

Jan Urbanec, VP Sales at Endorphina Speaks…

Jan mentioned that Endorphina is super pleased with the partnership with Endorphina. The company is proud to have started the links with a well-established player of the industry. He even said that his company once used to admire Endoprhina, which is now its close partner. It is like a dream come true for the company. Jan added that he is hopeful about its content reaching right to EveryMatrix’s platform bringing in more reputation and popularity in return. The only aim of Endorphina is to develop a profitable relationship with EveryMatrix and improve its customer base to a great extent.


It is a long awaited partnership that has today come alive. Both Endorphina and EveryMatrix were thinking about linking with the big players of the industry in order to strengthen their grip on the online casino industry and the punters. Today, they both have merged well to remain associates for years to come and build their reputation. On the other hand, it is good news for the players, as they will now be able to play the entire range of Endorphina’s slot games through the platform of EveryMatrix.

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Play’n GO has been the finest online gaming developer right from its inception in the year 1997. From the past 19 years, it has been developing the finest collection of casino games and has distributed them to the various reputed gaming operators. The company has its head office in Hungary and Sweden while it has already attained the license to operate in the other European states like Malta, UK, Denmark, Alderney, Belgium and Gibraltar.

Maven – A Unique Software by Play’n GO

The online gaming developer develops all its games using the technology called ‘Maven’. The most fascinating part about this software is that it provides an opportunity to the punters to access the hosted server solution that further has the ability to handle hundreds of players at a single time. As far as the variety of the casino games available at the site is concerned, it has more than 60 games including scratch card games, video poker and other table games. The casino is known to offer some of the finest range of slot games such as Jack Hammer Slot, Wild North and Tower Quest just to mention a few here.

Super Wheel – The Latest Game by Play’n GO

The Swedish developer has already become a heartthrob among millions. However, it has gained even more attention with its new launch of table game named Super Wheel. This particular table game is tailored with a 3D effect table, which will make you feel as if you are playing in the live casino. It has seven betting positions and the players get the chance to pick a stake out of the available denominations. The super wheel is present behind the table and is divided into 52 segments with different values.

The players must know that the digits that are located around the wheel include 1, 3, 5, 11 and 23. They are further repeated on the table, reflecting the payouts received by the player. After placing the stake, the players need to spin the wheel and wait to see the final result. You can also enjoy placing multiple bets on different numbers that too, on a single spin. In addition to this, the four-leaf clover and the horseshoe are the two interesting symbols that are the major highlight of this table game. Both these symbols appear only in the single position and are known to have the highest odds of 47:1. Thus, they are sure to increase your excitement in the game.

According to the Officials at Play’n GO

Recently, the news revealed that the gaming developer has already issued a press release boasting of its new table game. The developer stated that the spinning wheel of the Super Wheel keeps the player in suspense and increase the thrill of the entire game. The climax is when the wheel slows down and finally lands on one of the 52 divisions. Further, the punters find it very convenient to place the bet again and again with that easy game button present.

The best part is that players can enjoy this amazing game on their mobile phones too, with the Play’n GO app available. You will have the same excitement, nice display, clarity on mobile or tablet as you have it on your desktop screen. The graphics and the sound effects are available with no compromise on the app.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not tried your hands at Super Wheel yet, then it is the time to play it now. You can play it on various sites like Mr. Ringo Casino, Casino Cruise and BET JOY casino.

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The Betclic Everest Group is all glad to receive its fourth online gambling license. Yes, the news was confirmed by the national gambling regulator, Serviço Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos do Turismo de Portugal (SRIJ). It has issued an online casino license to Betclic Everest Group, which further has a local subsidiary under the name, BEM Operations Ltd. The news came last Friday, after which the company is extremely happy. No doubt, in the row of acquiring a casino license, betclic is not a new face at all.

About Betclic Everest Group

Betclic operates in Portugal under the domain name of It has set its name in the casino industry as the expert bookmaker offering live sports events, Roulette, Poker and a wide array of online casino slots like Jack Hammer Slot. Within a very short span, this casino has captivated the attention of hundreds and thousands of punters of all the age groups. It is a fact that this casino already had an online casino betting license. According to the news, Betclic was the very first operator that was deemed sponge-worthy by SRIJ. The company finally came up with the launch of new regulated market in the month of April recently.

Licensed Operators in Portugal

While talking about the licensed betting operators in Portugal, the country has two of them and two other online casinos. These include Malta-based Bet Entertainment Technologies and local land-based casino operator Estoril Sol. Yes, it is true that the number of licensed betting operators in the country is very few but the influence of these casinos on Portuguese is enough to drive them to the casino gambling in huge numbers. However, the country is still looking forward to issue the first online poker license, as no company or operator has been able to claim that.

When it comes to the population of Portugal, it is only about 10 million, which are just a million more when compared with the population of New Jersey. As a result of this, to make the poker market of Portugal worthwhile, it needs the liquidity sharing with the operators present in the regulated market of European Union. Nonetheless, the mission seems tough, as the government of Portugal is toiling hard to fulfill all the requirements and other legal paperwork with the European Union in order to turn the liquidity sharing idea into reality.

The Status of Poker Regulations Draft

Anaon, the local online gambler’s association showed concern over the delay of the same. It further stated its disappointment, as even after the five months of the expiry of the deadline, no comments have been made on the latest draft of poker regulations by the government. Further, no discussions have further been taken on the draft that permits exchange betting. However, the final versions of the draft are still due to be sent to the EC.

According to the rules of the EC, the EC has all the powers to impose a compulsory standstill period of at least 3-4 months for the present members of EU to state their comments even if the regulators of Portugal have got their act together. This simply means that only after this standstill period is over, EU members will be able to express their opinion and Portugal will be able to proceed with the poker license issuance.

In addition to this, Anaon has released a note that almost 15 months are over by now after the government ordered the exit of international online gambling sites. The exit is necessary if these sites wish to be considered for licensing. Thus, it is expected that things will get better and Portugal will soon proceed with its poker licensing.

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Leading sportsbetting software supplier Betradar has recently tied up with one of Europe’s most popular bookmakers, Tipbet to offer live streaming of a number of sports events. Customers of Tipbet will now be able to have access to 7,150 different live events per year via Betradar’s live streaming service called Live Channel Online. The different sporting events will include basketball, football, and tennis matches from nations as diverse as Turkey, China as well as Germany.


Betradar operates under the Sportradar umbrella and both brands have become significant players in the online gambling and sports betting industries. Betradar is a one-stop-shop for bookmaking companies since it offers a wide range of services used by these companies. These services enable bookmaking companies to feature detailed information about sporting events starting from fixtures and going all the way to the results, in addition to live streaming of many events.

A leading supplier of sports betting data, Betradar was founded in 2001. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years now, they have developed into a key player in this industry. They offer all the required services to run a bookmaker operation. They are adept in offering information on fixtures, odds compiling, in-running services, live streaming services, eSports betting solutions, results, trading tools, front-end content solutions including live scores and statistics as well as innovative gaming solutions. Their diverse portfolio enables them to meet the challenges and demand of the international bookmaking industry.

The company also offers front-end solutions to online bookmakers that include trading tools and other services. Its software programmes are also designed to prevent illegal activities. Betradar has a huge customer base spread over 80 nations, and it has approximately 450 different bookmakers and 30 state run lotteries.

Strategic tie-ups are a fact of life in the gambling industry since companies are constantly looking for ways to evolve and become more competitive.

The team at Tipbet is very excited about the tie up with Betradar. The company already has quite an established customer base for its land-based and internet-based casino and sports betting services. The company offers pretty good odds on a wide range of sporting events taking place in different parts of the world. The casino is also popular because it offers many options to have fun and win money in the process. While it no doubt has a good product to start with, the tie up with Betradar will enable them to reach to a wider customer base than present since people prefer bookmaking sites that offer live streaming. Customers do look for a wide range of features when they choose a gambling site, and the Tipbet product offering will now be complete.

According to Tipbet Product Manager Philippos Naskos, the fact that it can now offer its customers access to a wide range of sporting events will enable it to increase its market share and drive revenues. The gambling and sports betting businesses are all highly competitive, and it is not at all easy to grow in the industry unless one has a very good product on offer.

Lorenzo Caci, Director Sales of Sportradar commented that the partnership with Tipbet was a mutually beneficial one and that he was certain that the other company would benefit tremendously from Betradar’s highly effective product. Sportradar is constantly seeking to increase its customer base with the help of these tie-ups and the deal with Tipbet comes on the heels of another one with Italian bookmaker SNAI. This has enables the Italian company to launch eSports in that country’s market for the first time with the aim of getting a share of the industry worth billions of dollars.

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Bitcoin casinos have admittedly had a very hesitant start, but the crypto-currency has now come into its own in the online gambling industry. The past few months have seen a rapid increase in the number of people gambling using Bitcoins instead of conventional currencies because people are finally becoming aware of the many advantages that this currency offers.


Bitcoin is an electronic cash system that was developed in 2008 and released early the following year. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The USP of this payment system is that the transactions take place directly between users without using any intermediary. Bitcoin is the biggest of its kind in terms of the total market value.

Since its release, bitcoin has been adopted by many people predominantly for online transactions. Digital payment methods have already been in use for quite a while, but there were many misconceptions around Bitcoin that prevented people from trying it out. Interestingly, once people got over their initial reluctance of using a crypto-currency, they realised that it has a great many advantages to offer. They were also more in favour of bitcoin and hence, abandoned other payment methods such as eWallets and bank transfers.

One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin is that it is extremely simple to use. Secondly, it provides a great deal of security for online financial transactions. Thirdly, this currency enables users to gamble with a high degree of anonymity. These are all qualities that online gamblers appreciate, which is why increasing numbers of them are opting for casinos that deal with Bitcoins. Another factor is that people living in countries where online gambling is banned can make use of the anonymity of this currency to gamble to their heart’s content. Governments are putting pressure on banks and credit card companies to deny service to their citizens who wish to gamble online.

The fact that Bitcoin numbers have increased steadily over the past 6 months is a good indicator that the trend is here to stay. What’s more is that, many popular web-based casinos have begun dealing in Bitcoins. They include Coin Palace Casino, BetChain Casino, VegasCasino, and BitCasino, just to name a few. In fact, there are many more casinos, both large and small, that have started to deal in this currency. This will have a snowballing effect on the numbers of people who use this currency.

Online gambling, which was just 8% of the entire industry in 2014, has grown to 11% in 2016. Internet based casinos tend to embrace technological advantages at a rapid pace and they make use of a number of innovations to attract new customers. After all, this is a highly competitive industry with too many casinos for customers to choose from.

While casinos do need to offer a wide range of games to their customers, they also need to ensure that customers can gamble safely and conveniently. This includes offering them reliable and quick money transfer options. It therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most marketing savvy casinos have started to become Bitcoin friendly. It is estimated that more than 15.2 million Bitcoins are currently in circulation, and this number increases at a steady pace as more casinos and their customers are jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling bitcoins, then you’re probably aware that they can be bought and sold online as well as offline. Offline, the bitcoins can be bought at a bitcoin ATM or directly from an individual. But the bitcoin ATM is not like the traditional ATM machines. They are basically kiosks that are connected to the internet. It, however, allows inserting cash in exchange for bitcoins.

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ultimatebetOne of the worst (or best) things about the internet is that things can never disappear once they appear online. Anyone who has even been in a scandal will testify to this fact. No matter how old the episode is, it is always possible to dredge up details of it online. What’s more is that the mentions of it keep popping up when people think that the story (and interest around it) has finally died down. The Ultimate Bet Online Poker scandal is the perfect illustration of this. Although the story first broke in 2005, it still keeps popping up repeatedly, with added information every time the story revives.

The online poker industry was taken aback when two sites belonging to the Cereus Poker Network were found to have been cheating on a big scale. The two sites in question, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, made use of a special software code that collected hole-card information of certain players in what was known as the “God Mode” so that their opponents could make winning moves. The total size of the scam eventually exceeded $50 million. The cheating scandal was very embarrassing for the industry since it highlighted exactly how vulnerable players were to cheating. The scandal also revealed just how little regulation there was in the industry.

The gaming sites of the Cereus Poker Network were licensed to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates a number of land based casinos in Mohawk territory as well as more than 250 gambling sites offering online sportsbooks and poker. The regulatory body launched an investigation into the allegations of cheating only in October 2007.

It took 3 years, from the time it began using the unauthorised cheating software for Ultimate Bet to finally get rid it and it also began to issue refunds to the victims amounting to $22 million in all. The process of investigation also unearthed a lot of embarrassing information about how the industry was run. The company owning Ultimate Bet was fined $1.5 million and it was directed to change its operations in order to ensure that cheating could not be done.

The scandal got a new lease of life recently when a former representative of Ultimate Bet by the name of Annie Duke posted regarding the “God Mode” software on Facebook. She admitted to having used the software although she did not mention whether she cheated while on the mode. She went on to say that she was completely unaware that this was an illegal activity and that she would not have continued with the company if she had known about this.

Duke doesn’t have any connection with the poker site any longer and has relinquished all ownership of the site.
The gambling industry can hardly afford to have scandals such as this, especially since the lobby against online gambling is very vocal and powerful. After all, these scandals tend to come alive time and again, and the bad reputation that they create for the online site will never go away altogether.

When some of the US states are trying to legalise online casinos, a scandalous news like this certainly doesn’t favour them at all. There are quite a few legislators who are against this and these are the type of news that they look forward to and prove a point.

However, there are many others who favour online casinos. In fact, many Americans also tend to visit online casinos where they are allowed to gamble. Although there are very few at the moment since most of the US residents are not permitted to gamble at these sites because of the legality issues.

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brian-sandovalNevada Governor Brian Sandoval is heading to Australia on a business trip during which he will undertake many important meetings to increase business relations between his state and the Antipodean country. The governor has many meetings lined up for the two-week business visit to Australia. While water technology and mining will be discussed, gambling will also be on the agenda.

Sandoval is the 29th Governor of Nevada as well as member of the Republican Party. Served as the youngest chairman of the Gaming Commission of Nevada, Sandoval was also the first Hispanic candidate to be elected to statewide office in Nevada.

When Sandoval served as the Gaming Commission, he fought national efforts to block gambling on college sports events. He also worked on regulations to limit gaming in the neighbourhood. He worked for regulations to prohibit slot machines that had themes that would attract children.

The volume of trade between Australia and Nevada has been growing at a steady pace, touching $149 million last year. The Nevada trade mission to Australia includes representatives from many industries including gambling. While there are no indications about the exact area of gambling which will be part of the discussions, the delegation will include representatives from Cirque du Soleil. There will also be people representing the Reno-based University of Nevada.

While Las Vegas in Nevada is known to be one of the gambling capitals of the world, the industry is pretty active in Australia as well. As a matter of fact, pokie is so popular in the country that it rivals most other places in the world. New South Wales has so many pokie machines when considered per capita that only Las Vegas has more of them.

The gambling industry has long fuelled business ties between Nevada and Australia. US gambling major Bally Technologies finalised a deal with leading Australian company, Aristocrat to power certain online gambling sites in North America. Aristocrat has a great deal of experience in the industry since it operates a large proportion of the pokie machines in Australia. The company has big plans for the North American market, as is evident from its 2014 acquisition of gaming company Video Gaming Technologies (VGT). With VGT under its control, Aristocrat is now a major player in the gaming industry in the US.

Sandoval to Push for Online Poker

Governor Brian Sandoval has been at the forefront of bringing about major changes in the US online gambling industry. Online poker was legalised in the state in 2013 and major international players have shown interest in setting up operations here. The state is also keen to tie up with poker sites operating from New Jersey since this is essential to give operators a competitive advantage over major international sites.

New Jersey has gone one step ahead of Nevada by legalising a number of online casino games such as pokies. The inability to bring Nevada’s gambling laws in line with customer expectations is definitely costing the state dearly. It is a well established fact that Americans flock to gambling sites operating in other jurisdictions because this activity is banned in their state. The government has taken steps to curb this but the illegal gambling industry continues to flourish.

Land-Based Pokie Operations Flourishing

Land-based gambling operators are known to exert pressure on governments to keep online gambling illegal. These operators evidently do not wish to see an erosion in their customer base. Nevertheless, there are talks to loosen up restrictions on online gambling and to bring in proper regulations that protect customers. Governor Sandoval’s visit is sure to give all parties the result they expect.

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