The slot machine section in a casino is always extremely busy and you’ll see lots of people busy having fun at the bank of slot machines.

There is a lot of noise and excitement here, especially when people win money.

If you’ve played slots often then you’ve probably wondered how exactly these machines work.

These machines have been around for a while and their interior mechanism is quite complicated.

As a matter of fact, there are two types of slot machines in operation these days.

While many casinos have shifted to the newer type of video slot machines, many others still retain the vintage machines that have been around for a very long time.

Mechanical Slot Machines

The older slot machines are operated by pulling a handle.

When you pull the handle, a hook inside the machine is operated and it grabs hold of a part known as kicker.

The kicker is a rectangular plate located at the bottom of the machine which pulls parts called stoppers away from the reels that contain the images, causing them to spin.

The hook releases the kicker with a certain amount of force, and this causes the reels to spin very fast.

When the reels come to a stop eventually, the combination of symbols on them will determine whether a win has happened.

Electrical Slot Machines

Mechanical slot machines were replaced by electrical ones that operated on the same principles.

The difference is that the reels are motorized. In addition, electrical slot machines have bright lights as well as better sound systems when compared to their predecessors.

Video Slot Machines

These are the best kinds of slot machines on account of the sheer variety of colours, sounds and themes they feature.

In fact, many of these games are made by leading gaming companies and they feature computer chips that generate the images that appear on the screen.

The outcome of the pull does not depend on the movement of the reels.

The computer operates step motors which turn the reels and bring them to a stop at the point that it has already determined using a Random Number Generator.

This ensures that each time the game is played; the player has an equal chance of winning money.

The themes featured on the new computerised slot machines are also extremely interesting.

Jack Hammer slot is a very good example of a slot game that has an exciting theme that has many exciting bonus features that are generated very rapidly.

Interestingly, computerized slot machines look very much like the mechanical ones even though their internal operations are entirely different.

The only reason that slot machine manufacturers have retained the original shape is so that patrons of the casino can enjoy the same feeling of playing the original game.

The older machines were operated when money was inserted into them.

The newer ones can be fed using a cash card bought from the casino, and this is by far the most convenient way to feed the machine and take out earnings.

One thing that is clear is that slot machines are a great deal of fun, irrespective of how they operate!