People who play slot games very often are aware that there are simple ways to make a lot of extra cash from these games. It’s a fact that dedicated slot players look forward to the appearance of scatter symbols because these symbols help unlock a variety of exciting features within these games such as Free Spin rounds and bonus games.

Since these symbols are unique to each game they are designed with graphics that match the theme of the slot. What’s more is that, these symbols do not always work in the same way because scatter symbol features vary from game to game.

Even so, players eagerly wait for them because they bring a lot of fun to the game while they also increase their potential earnings drastically.

Let’s find out why the scatter symbols are probably one of the most awaited of the lot.

  • These symbols appear randomly and therefore, they feature on the reels in no particular pattern. As such, they don’t have to fall on any specific pay line in order to trigger a win.
  • If the required number of these symbols appears on your game screen, then you will immediately get a bonus game, free spin or even a better payout than normal from a win. Various slot games even offer different combinations of these features.
  • The number of rewards per scatter symbol goes up with the number of symbols appearing. In other words, if five scatter symbols can give you 10 free spins then nine symbols can give you 25 free spins.
  • You can benefit from scatter symbols even if you are not playing on all the pay lines available to you. However, many scatters are designed to multiply the total wagered amount across all pay lines. So, in this case, it makes sense to activate more pay lines.

Make Some Extra Money…

As you can see, games with scatter symbols are very attractive because they offer you the opportunity to play more without having to pay extra money or to multiply your earnings when you win.

These symbols also tend to be animated these days and this takes the excitement of the game to a whole new level! In fact, modern day slot games have come a long way from the earlier static games.

How to Look for a Slot Game with Scatter Symbols?

Most slot games feature scatter symbols these days, although they are not always found in three-reel slot machines. The simplest way to find out whether the game features them is to visit the Paytable of a particular game.

Experienced slot players make sure that they visit the Paytable because this gives them information on how to maximise their winnings. For instance, they can decide, based upon the information available, whether they want to place a total bet on any particular game or simply a line bet.

The immensely popular Jack Hammer slot game features a scatter symbol known as the Bomb. The appearance of five Bombs will result in 10 free spins, whereas six Bombs on your screen will offer you 15 free spins and so on.

What’s even more interesting is that wins on Bomb Free Spin symbols are tripled! It’s no surprise then that slot players eagerly look out for the appearance of scatter symbols that has the potential to multiply their good fortune.