The most integral parts of a slot game today are the wild and scatter symbols. Wild symbols have always been famous and were even found in classic old slot games.

Not only do they add to the fun element in slot games, but they also provide the players with an opportunity to make more money, even when there is very little chance of winning.

The Importance of Wild Symbols in Slot Games

What exactly does a wild symbol do?

A wild symbol is a very strong symbol, which occurs in a slot game. Since they can practically replace all other symbols on the reels, they can award more cash to the players.

However, the only drawback is that it cannot replace a scatter symbol in the game. But there is an exception to this rule as well. In certain slot games, the wild symbol is able to substitute the scatter symbol.

For instance, in the Jack Hammer slot, the wild symbol does not substitute the scatter symbol.

To understand a wild symbol better, here’s an example. On a slot that has 20 pay lines with five reels and four similar symbols fall together, the wild symbol will make up for the fifth symbol and hence, act as the missing fifth symbol to help you form a winning combo of five symbols.

If you’ve played slot games before, you’re probably aware that forming a winning combo with five same symbols will get you the biggest payout available for that particular slot.

The Origin of Wild Symbols

Originally, the makers of classic slot machine games wanted to give the players a chance to win more money and thus, they created wild symbols and scatter symbols. The only symbols that are unaffected by the wild symbols are the scatter and bonus symbols, found in video slot machine games today.

The role of wild symbols have improved today and this is mainly due to the fact that slot machines have gone digital and are available on mobile phones and internet casinos.

Different Types of Wild Symbols

Stacked wilds are the first in the list. These are the symbols that gather and place themselves on top of each other after a spin. They can turn the entire reel wild, helping the player to win more than what they expect.

Expanding wilds are second in the list. They occur in the second half of the slot game, mostly in bonus rounds. These symbols expand and turn ordinary icons into wild ones. Almost every time these symbols turn the reel wild.

Third are the trailing wild symbols. Most of the times, you cannot differ between these symbols and expanding wilds. A trail is left, after each spin. They connect symbols and turn them into wild.

Wild symbols in the slot games are related to the theme of the slot game. For example, the wild symbol in the comic strip themed slot game, Jack Hammer is the Bubble Symbol with a special sound effect.

Which Wild Symbols are the Best?

However, interesting wild symbols may seem, in reality, it would be advisable on your part to try it out for yourself and see which one is better.

Not only will you get familiar with the rules, but you will also know how the wild symbol of that particular slot can help you make cash, without putting actual money.

In this way, you will get know about all the bonus features and other bonus rounds, along with their capabilities. You can get a rough idea about the maximum amount you can win in any particular slot game.